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Come, O Most Holy Spirit! Enkindle within us the great fire of Your love, Inspire us to seek You first and always. Come, O Most Holy Spirit! TAKE our teens whom we entrust to Your tender mercy. BLESS our teens with knowledge That they are beloved in Your sight All the days of their lives. BREAK open the minds and hearts of our teens To receive obediently and joyfully Your Holy Word and Heavenly sacraments. GIVE our teens counsel and courage To follow Jesus Christ Our Lord. Come, O Most Holy Spirit! Let your Life Teen Ministry renew ourselves, our teens, our parishes and our community. All the Holy Angels of God, pray for us. Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us. Saint Mary, Mother of Sorrows, pray for us.

Without our volunteers, we would not be able to do what we do.

       We thank our Volunteers

  • Paul and Rose Stanley-Core since 2012
  • Paul and Rose both enjoy being with their families and their grandchildren. Both Paul and Rose came from very large families. Paul enjoys Karate. The Stanleys love being apart of Life Teen because they love helping the teens and being an example of our faith. They love being Catholic because there is so much to learn about our faith and it’s a joy to share it with others.
  • Anna Morse-Core since 2016
  • Anna enjoys crafting, cooking, playing games, and hanging out with her family. She has been married since 2000. Anna once went to Rome and was able to be in the presence of a saint! She loves Life Teen because the teens are amazing. Anna knows that God is so good and wants to help bring the teens together into a relationship with Him. What Anna loves the most about being Catholic is the presence of God in the Catholic Church and the Sacraments.
  • Jordan Lange-Core since 2015
  • Jordan loves biking, hiking, camping, video gaming, going to Cedar Point, and sleeping. He said that he enjoys variety as it is the spice of life. Jordan has a fish that it was born in 1999 that is still kickin’! Life Teen helps teens learn how to live out their faith in a way that is not just shoving facts and telling teens “good luck.” He loves Life Teen because it gives him a  great sense of community for both the teens and himself. “What’s not to love about being Catholic?”

  • Candice Tackett - Hospitality Coordinator since 2015
  • Candice is responsible for making sure our teens are well fed at our Life Nights for Life Teen and she does an amazing job! Candice loves that the Catholic Church is like a welcoming family! Before becoming Catholic, she experienced a sense of community that made her want to learn more and explore our faith. Candice loves hearing testimonials about other people's journeys on finding peace and a purpose in God. She treasures the Eucharist which brings her closer to God. Candice loves Life Teen because it gives teens a sense of direction and continues to help build a firm foundation with God’s unending love and forgiveness as the focus. It allows teens to build a strong relationship with Jesus Christ that carries them through high school and beyond.

  • Kathy West - Director of Sandusky Life Teen since 2015
  • Kathy enjoys painting, being in nature, re-arranging furniture, playing games, volunteering with the theatre, and spending time with other people. She loves memes and making music videos. Kathy passes out on Roller coasters and laughs when she is nervous. She loves Life Teen because it is seeing teens fully alive in Christ as a community seeking more than what this world can offer. What Kathy loves most about being Catholic, is the Sacraments and the rich history of the Church. She also loves that there is a saint for EVERYTHING!

The Future of our Core is You:

If you are interested in helping with Life Teen Meals, being on our Core team, or joining our Life Teen Liturgical Ministry Team, please contact Kathy West or speak to a Core team member.

Kathy West: Sandusky Life Teen Director
510 Columbus Ave., Sandusky, OH 44870
Office Hours: Mon.—Thurs. 9am—5pm Fri. 9am—1pm
P: (419).625.7500 ext. 1012

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