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Come, O Most Holy Spirit! Enkindle within us the great fire of Your love, Inspire us to seek You first and always. Come, O Most Holy Spirit! TAKE our teens whom we entrust to Your tender mercy. BLESS our teens with knowledge That they are beloved in Your sight All the days of their lives. BREAK open the minds and hearts of our teens To receive obediently and joyfully Your Holy Word and Heavenly sacraments. GIVE our teens counsel and courage To follow Jesus Christ Our Lord. Come, O Most Holy Spirit! Let your Life Teen Ministry renew ourselves, our teens, our parishes and our community. All the Holy Angels of God, pray for us. Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us. Saint Mary, Mother of Sorrows, pray for us.

Become part of the Sandusky Lifeteen community today. The Sandusky Lifeteen community is filled with fun, faith, and strengthing actvites. Wait no longer, come out to Holy Angels Church Sunday 5.00 p.m.  for Mass that is fit for people of all ages and is held year round. Following Mass during the school year, our life nights are held immediately after the 5 o'clock Mass.

Calling all Parents and Adults

Fellow Parents and adults of the Sandusky Catholic Parishes, do you want to get involved with strengthing our teens faith. If you said yes, please contact us and we will ansewer any questions you may have as soon as possible.

Our Lifeteen Graduates

Our Lifeteen Graduates

    2016 Seniors:

  • Michael Cejer
  • Jadon Dix
  • Libby Grant
  • Teresa Puckrin
  • Amanda Sloan
  • Deanna Thompson

    2017 Seniors:

  • Chris Dudenhoefer
  • Lake Lamb
  • Matt Lamb
  • Kristen Wehner
  • Sophia Seitz

Information on our Parish Ministries

Intrested in joining one of our Tri-parishes.



As a Life Teen Community, we are excited to announce

"Parent Life!"

Parent Life is a domain avenue of encouragement and inspiration to all parents of teens. Although Life teen does not claim to have all the answers, we do promise that as a parent, you will find the support, helpful tips, and encouragement that you need as your journey with your child through their teenage years. Here's how to gain access to Life Teen's Parent Life:

1. Visit http://www.LTParentLife.comto sign up for a new account.

2. Type in your parish access code: mary44870 (all lowercase!)

3. Fill out the information needed to create your account and save your login information.

4. Help other parents and adults sign up in the future!



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